I love these real Saturdays

Well, as of yesterday I’m twenty-nine. It’s terrible! Or in theory it is, anyway. I actually had an extremely nice weekend: Emily came down from Philly; we ate at Corduroy; cooked a delicious Valentine’s Day meal with Matt and Sara; saw The Wrestler; had Szechuan hot pot with Ezra, Annie, Ethan, Kay, Ben and Amanda, and then went out for drinks with folks on Sunday. Aside from a minor fiasco involving finding a bar that wasn’t so packed as to be unusable — seriously, space in DC drinking establishments is now at such a premium that booking a band has to be considered a hostile act perpetrated against the patrontariat — it was a great way to spend a birthday. Oh! And along the way I got an exciting new electronic fitness gizmo, a book about werewolves and some custom-made oatmeal. Not too shabby.

At the moment I’m sitting at home, preparing for an Arduino-related presentation I’ll be contributing to tomorrow on Wednesday (not the one with Alberto; that’s on the 28th), listening to the new Dan Deacon (which is beautiful) and playing Advance Wars. It’s pretty pleasant! But it also seems like the sort of opportunity I ought to use for writing things here.

I’ve been terrible about this, I realize. I also realize that blogged resolutions to change are stupid. But in my experience it’s only possible to maintain (relative) prolificacy if I force myself into the habit — after that first push things get easier. Besides, it was mostly the process of becoming oriented to my new gig over at Sunlight that’s left me too busy and distracted to do much else. But I’ve got some help now, and things have calmed down a bit, so yeah: blogging!

So, uh… I guess that still leaves this post a little low on content, huh? Hmm. Has everyone already seen that I’m on a Boat (ft. T-Pain) video?

What can I say? I’m a sucker for profanity and pashmina jokes. And, totally coincidentally, I’ve recently been aspiring to boat-ridership myself. It’s the perfect YouTube storm.

Oh! Also funny: Eugene Mirman. There, that’s enough other-people’s-content, right? See, I told you I’d be able to get back into the blogging swing of things.

6 Responses to “I love these real Saturdays”

  1. katie

    I thought the DCLUG meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, not tomorrow (Tuesday)… has there been a change of plans?

  2. Tom

    D’oh! Thank you, Katie. That would have been embarrassing (and irritating). I guess I entered the info into iCal incorrectly.

  3. Ray

    As long as we’re content-light here, and on a related note, I got the new Eugene Mirman book for my own birthday, the day after yours. Happy belated birthday!

  4. Tom

    Hey! Happy birthday back to you!

  5. Paolo

    I need to cop the new Dan Deacon! I loved the Spiderman of the Rings. LOVED! And I really liked Advance Wars.
    There’s this interview with Eugene Mirman over at RooftopComedy (full disclosure, I work here) but you might find interesting. It’s a pretty funny interview too.

  6. Paolo

    PS: Happy belated birthday!

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