in war, nobody wins







Even to you, Steve, I have to — goddammit — I have to say no:


This war on adverbs has to end.  It’s madness — madness I tell you!  We have parts of speech for a reason, you know.  And whatever it is, it presumably extends beyond the whims of petty martinets like myself.

Of course, this is all really just one front in the larger battle against suffixes — a fight that every FAIL-using LOLcatter is on the wrong side of.  Frank, I don’t like our chances.

3 Responses to “in war, nobody wins”

  1. Brodysattva

    “Fast” is legitimately an adverb. The Oxford English Dictionary says so, American dictionaries all say so. For the rest, I’m with you.

  2. admin

    Alright; I’ll admit I may have overstated my case. I still think fast is a lame adverb, though — it was particularly noteworthy in this case because it was paired with some really tin-eared copy elsewhere on the page.

  3. JasonT

    If it weren’t for the bastardization of Latin, we would not have Italian. Why do you hate America?

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