Linda McMahon

A thousand times yes.  Linda McMahon needs to be the Republican nominee in Connecticut. So. Badly.  Can you imagine how Ambinder would cover this?

Admittedly, there are real concerns about giving Vince and the rest of the McMahons access to the levers of power — Linda’s tenure as WWE CEO showed many of her immediate family were all too willing to manipulate the matriarch’s position for personal gain.  And there are other potential problems: by this point in its long existence I think it’s fair to characterize D-generation X as an insurgent paramilitary outfit; Stephanie McMahon’s ties to the organization will surely become a campaign issue.

But this is all premature.  The voters of Connecticut deserve to decide for themselves.  If Linda does gain the nomination, she can count on my support, likely via the pay-per-view wing of her fundraising operation.

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