posts I am not qualified to write

Or rather, posts I am so unqualified to write that even I am not comfortable writing them (but I wish Julian or Yglesias or Dylan Matthews or Matt Zeitlin or anyone else who’s done some of the relevant reading would):

If our world really is a hologram*, what does is mean for the philosophy of mind that phenomenal experience* seems to occur at the holographic level rather than at the level of the lower-dimensional surface* (or brane, more technically, I guess)?  Does it bolster the case for consciousness-as-epiphenomenon (I think maybe, if the hologram can be created in multiple ways with varying underlying conditions, it nudges us toward an explicitly supervenient relationship)?

* I realize that all of these sound like the sort of nonsense that freshmen would ponder while stoned.  But that’s only half right: it’s not actually nonsense.

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  1. Eric Mill

    Let me see if I can rephrase your question – are you suggesting that because our minds seem to work holographically (with memory, in particular), that if the physical universe is also a hologram, this is evidence that the mind can be seen as more fundamentally tied to that “physical” universe, more like an emergent property?

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