fly, EAGLE, fly

I made my first EAGLE schematic!  I’m sure it’s horribly broken, but I’m still feeling pretty good about it.

If you’re interested in getting the source file, head over to the post on Sunlight Labs.  And if you do, please be gentle.  Advice on what I’ve gotten wrong would be welcome, though.

ALSO: Thanks to the diligent outreach efforts of Sunlight’s own Nicko Margolies, the original post has now been picked up by Hack-a-Day and MAKE. Neat! And better still, educational: I’ve already had a number of revisions suggested to me by the Hack-a-Day commenters.

ALSO ALSO: Engadget, too! Though I’ve gotta say: man are the commenters there morons.

it'd be so money, bro

The wages of internet success, I suppose.

AAAAAND: Gizmodo. That’ll just about do it, I think. Their commenters are mean. Which I like. I want the apparent EE to offer some more information, though.  I think he’s at least partly wrong.

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  1. ksteiger

    Tommy makes things that frighten me sometimes.

  2. Tom

    Aw, you’re sweet.

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